Wine Safari likes to present itself through out four basic words :

Simple, Educational, Fun, Sensational.


For as you just have to phone us or make a reservation by email.
By experience Mike Rijken is able to make wine "understandable", and tries to explain wine and viticulture in every way without that the subject is becomming to difficult and to "snobby".


You will discover that there so much more than just the liquid that we call wine. It will educate you to know about grapevarietals, the type of soil, the skill of the winemaker, and what kind of vinification is best for obtaining white, rosé and red wine. Educational as Mike Rijken will translate everything between you and the winemaker, and therefore get you a step closer to understanding the French wine culture in general.


Wine and its people who make it, are certainly serious matters, but on the other hand, we should also see the sunny side from it, as wine is meant to be consumed and to be shared with other people and above all we should drink it during a meal, where we start to know each other better. In one word in fact "A Winemaker sells: Pleasure", and what would be better than sharing it.
Convinced as he his, Mike Rijken has that flair and tickling enthousiasm, and his wine commentaries makes everybody smile for a while.


Sensational it is, as you discover after a morning, an afternoon or a whole day, what in fact you have learned about wine and its region in such a very short time. Sensational are the well and not so well known wineries that you can visit, and comercially we wish to conclude that the price for a Wine Safari is more than reasonable for what you get, and doesn't make that sensational hole in your vacation budget.

You will discover the famous appellations such as the Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, "Crus des Côtes du Rhône" (such as Gigondas, Beaumes-de-Venise, Rasteau, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Vacqueyras...), Ventoux, Luberon, Lirac, Tavel, Clairette de Die, Côte du Vivarais, Duché d'Uzès....

Mike Rijken will take you to a wine estate (chosen according to your criteria). During the drive, you will be given explanations about the region, the vineyards and wine growing (the grape varieties, the soil, the way of trimming the vines...). Once at the wine estate, you will be received by the owner and winegrower or an oenologist from the estate's wine cellar.

You will learn everything there is to know about the wines. You will also learn how to taste and appreciate wine.

Purchases are possible at the estate.

Wine Safari, Valée du  Rhône France